Hot Springs, home of Maregaal


Things to do and Places of Hot Springs

Living or visiting Hot Springs, what can you do here for fun and find good dining or food. 


Fishing on any of the great lakes here and in the area or at any of the rivers and streams... 

1) Lake Ouachita

2) Lake Hamilton

3) Lake Catherine

Visiting downtown's National Park is what we are known for. 

1) Try  bottling your own fresh Spring water at any of the 6 fountains around town. Each having it's own individual properties of minerals. 

2) Camping at Gulpha Gorge

3) Hiking any of the trails

4) Watch the sunset on top of West Mountain

5) Watch the sunrise on North Mountain or where the tower is

6) take advantage of the bath houses and immerse yourself in the soothing thermal pools

7) Tour the Fordyce bathhouse

Visit the Farmers Market of Hot Springs where you can see me there. You can buy fresh local farm raised food and also some neat and beautiful crafts. The baked goods are very yummy! 

Every Saturday at 121 Orange St. 

I will add more later