upcoming events and locations where to find me or my art

Additional Information

So what is the agenda of Maregaal for the year of 2019 and where can you find him, his rock art and pure copper jewelry?

I am evolving in my craft and skills and being an artist I need to be around fellow artists as well, with that type of crowd.... as well as gardeners for my rock or stone art.

With that said, I HAVE MOVED TOTALLY OUT of the flea market called "Central Avenue Market Place" that is across from Hobby Lobby.

Now, in Hot Springs, I can be found at the Farmers' Market on Saturday with all my art I have available, from stone to my unique copper jewelry. Likewise, my rock art can STILL be found at "All Things Arkansas" across from the Bath houses or next door to the post office on the North side of the parking lot. 


1) EVERY SATURDAY.... I am at the 'farmers' market in Hot Springs from 7am to 12 pm. Starting in Nov the hours will be 9 to 12. I am here UNLESS I am at a show.

2) October 4th, 5th and 6th I will be at the Garland County Fairgrounds for the big "Hot Springs Arts and Crafts Show".... this is off Malvern ave/hwy 270 

3) October 17-20 I will be at the Washington County Arts and Crafts Show in Fayetteville,  AR 

4) Nov 2.... I will be in Mena, AR for the "Ouachita Art Celebration" on Saturday 

5) Nov 9th, I will be in Nashville,  AR at a place called, "Off the Beaten Track" for a show there. It is at 590 Golf Links Rd in Nashville 

6) on November 16 I will be in Hot Springs Village for at show at the Coronado Community Center from like 8 am to 4pm

Remember,  my art can always be found downtown Hot Springs at a cute store called, All Things Arkansas." Located at 610 Central Ave in Hot Springs