A Little About Me and My Art

The Carved Stone or Rock


All of the stone or rock Maregaal carves and chisels out are personally hand picked out of nature, either from fields or streams. 

In all of the carvings, there are no dyes or paints added to produce the different colors, that is just how they turn out when done carving. And, because they are real rock, they can last for centuries!!

Hand Forged Jewelry


All of the copper Jewelry designed by Maregaal is 100% pure metal. Made to last throughout the years to come. 



Maregaal, born in California.... 

Moved out to Hot Springs, AR in 2008.... due to the collapse of the housing market at that time, he couldn't make it as an home improvement business man. 

Because he had over 20 acres at the time he decided to try his hand at farming again as he did in 94 & 95 in Mississippi. Once he had crops, he planned to sell at the local farmers market in downtown Hot Springs. Due to much time on his hands, one day he took a round rock from his creek and wanted to see if he could carve okra on it for his personal garden.... taking only a railroad spike and hammer, he chiseled out "okra" with a crude snail on it. So he tinkered some more and made crude flowers and things. When the farmers market opened he took his crops and crude carvings down there.... Well, the carvings sold and not the food, and that is how he got started!!! 

Within 3 years he became one of the top artist in Hot Springs and one of the only stone artists in the South and the country.

Maregaal's blog of biblical teachings

Formally an Orthodox Jew, I still teach what the Jewish Bible or Tanach teaches or promotes, though I myself may not believe it anymore or prescribe to those beliefs. I also get into the Christian New Testament, for insights to Jewish culture, likewise on how Christian beliefs are so racially different from Jewish beliefs. 

I also point out errors and contradictions from both sides and so forth. This blog might ruffle some feathers, but it is meant to make you think on things you don't often hear